9 Jun

i can feel that the rainy season is here and one thing that i will surely miss is eating halo-halo.  this is one of the staple food during summer and now that the rain months are here, i won’t be seeing halo-halo in the streets anymore yes! you heard it right. i love halo-halo from the streets – more  than the ones in restaurants (except of course the halo-halo from razon’s) i like my halo-halo to have banana, pinipig, colored sago, kaong, beans and macapuno topped with leche flan:)

this halo-halo was served to us in batangas…it’s one of the halo-halo from the kanto – when we stopped over at my co-teacher’s place 🙂

co-teacher, ms sheryll can’t seem to wait…hahah! i super love this pic 🙂

’til next summer! 😉


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