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Super Sale Bazaar at Rockwell Tent

28 Jul

SuperSale is going back to Rockwell Tent this July 30-August 1, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Enjoy discounts of up to 70%. Get 1 free eco-friendly shopping bag, picture perfect souvenirs, and get the chance to win exciting prizes every 30 minutes. Credit cards will be accepted throughout the entire bazaar.

Visit Beadazzle by Cat in L7 along with Cocomo Beach Wear.  Lots of new accessory designs only available in the bazaar so see you there!!! 🙂



19 Jul

beadazzle by cat is now a part of the code-limited family. it is the online source of filipino fashion merchandise and information.

among the other brands in the code-limited online shop are “glitterati,” “vida,” “bejeweled” and “cocomo.”

don’t forget to check beadazzle by cat at

New Product Shots

5 Jul

i’ve been wanting to get a professional photographer to take pictures of my products (bead accessories) and since i’m going to venture into something really exciting soon,i sought the help of ms. geri dela cruz (, a freelance photographer. here are some of the sample shots.

more photos to come …. soon 🙂

My Favorite Spot in Greenbelt

5 Jul

i always pass by greenbelt area because i like their chapel there and i usually say a prayer after i do my erands for the day..

i was there today after meeting up with geri, the photographer who’ll take my product shots.  since i have my polaroid digi camcorder with me, i took a picture of my favorite spot in greenbelt so that i can share it with you…

yup! the pond  area at the back of the chapel. i  find it very calming.  aside from the fact that it’s very lush.

have a great week everyone! 🙂

Want to Earn Cash from the Web? :)

2 Jul

The steps are as easy as 1…2…3! 🙂

Please check the link below.  Join now.  It’s free!!!! 🙂

Please Visit My New Blog

2 Jul

i decided to sign up in another blog site (blogspot) for my reviews about food, shops, book, movies and all the other things and events that pop in to my life every now and then.  it will also be the venue for my creations so stay tuned for  a lot of new surprises 🙂

i’m keeping my wordpress account for write-ups about the personal happenings in my life.

thank you very much for all of you who come and visit this blog everyday.  you just don’t know how happy i am everytime i check my stats.  it’s overwhelming coonsidering that i am very new at  this.  thank you, thank you, thank you.

please visit my new blog Cat Creates at

hope to see you there!!!!