9 Jun

i was inspired by these flicker photos.  i will make my own version in the next few days….i can’t wait to cut and sew again! 🙂


Goodbye my dear Puma

8 Jun

i am not really a rubber shoes fan.  my mom seldom bought rubber shoes for me back then that’s why i never got used to wearing a pair.  so believe me when i say that apart from my small collection of chucks, i only have 2 pairs of rubber shoes – one is nike which i used only thrice since i bought it 4 years ago; and the other is my super, ultra, soft puma which was a christmas gift from a dear friend 6 years ago. yup! 6 years and i’m proud to say that it lasted this long 🙂

i’ve worn it so many times. it’s really soft, fits my feet perfectly, super light and it looks so slim.  i love the chocolate brown color accented with white and cream.

anyway, when i checked it today i noticed that the soles are coming off and the sides are peeling already.  i felt a bit sad but after thinking about what my puma and  i have been through all these years…phew!  i realized that it was so “sulit” 🙂

it still looks okay really but if you examine the sides you’ll see that parts are broken…

i will surely miss my puma! hope i can find another perfect pair that will last not only 6 years but more ::)


8 Jun

i like visiting kamiseta shops.  i like the girly feel inside their stores, very clean and crisp 🙂

i read in one of the blogs that kamiseta has something new – the liberty collection…Liberty of London set the bar for luxury shopping since 1875.  aside from it being a textile and fabric giant, it is the flagship store for all the important labels in the fashion industry.  from what i’ve read, they partnered with our very own kamiseta to come up with a limited editioncollection that all the filipinos will love 🙂

collection showed ruffles, laces, delicate floral patterns which are really the signature style of kamiseta. 

the price for this collection is a bit higher than the usual kamiseta clothing.  when i checked the items in this collection, their price is higher by a thousand but quite reasonable considering that it is a collaboration with a foreign company 🙂


25 May

i haven’t posted anything new for almost 2 weeks now. super busy….will tell you more about what i have been doing when all these are over.

have a great week everyone! 🙂


10 May

I was so eager to vote because this election is historical.  I want to be a part of the new election process.  i want to see the PCOS machine LIVE!!!!…  so I woke up 6:20 a.m so that I can vote early.

Arrived at Aurora Elementary School in Malate around 8 a.m, and the place was already jampacked! Actually not just by voters but by people who likes to make usisa and tambay in the corridors.

Anyway, after much confusion with the precinct number, brgy number, room number and number which can be seen in the list, policy regarding senoir ctizens and calling the number card given to us,  i was able to vote at around 9:30 a.m.  and I was voter number 125 in my precinct 😉

Vote and Win a Prize! :)

7 May

Check out Hair Manila’s BLOG YOUR VOTE CONTEST and get to win prizes from Kérastase:)

Click on the link below 😉

Beadazzle By Cat – May Collection ;)z

3 May

layered necklace made out of corals, crystals and murano cross

made of crystals and enamelled pendant

a ball-chain necklace with various trinkets 🙂

Check out Beadazzle by Cat at

Dampa, Macapagal

3 May

Comfort food? Hmmm…shrimps 🙂 That’s why me and my family went  to Dampa in Macapagal to eat fresh saafood and  bond with each other 😉

Sinigang na hipon

sinigang na hipon

Kinilaw na tanigue

Baked Tahong

Garlic Kangong

We also ordered buttered shrimps and inihaw na liempo.

Busog! 🙂

nephew, sepi

A Very Pink Monday

3 May

I just want to share with you my new pink flexi keyboard and pink panda speakers.  They were gifts and I super loved the thoughtfulness that came with these gifts ;o)

The Back-Up Plan

28 Apr

It was a spur of the moment decision to watch a movie on a Monday night. Current happenings in life made me want to go out with a friend and just relax – with nothing in mind but happy thoughts.

We decided to watch The Back-Up Plan, the comeback movie of Jennifer Lopez after 5 years of being in hiatus from making movies.

It stars Jennifer Lopez as Zoe, an owner of a pet shop and Alex O’Loughlin as Stan, who owns a farm and sells cheese in the farmer’s market.   

A romantic comedy centered on a woman who conceives twins through artificial insemination, (her plan B) only to meet the man of her dreams (her plan A) on the very same day. 

It’s really funny with lots of witty lines from the actors.  I can very much relate to Zoe’s character. 

Catch it in theaters near you! 🙂

***some photos from the movie*** die for ABS!

…pretty j.lo

… sweet moment during their first date 🙂